Working together, We can stop drug abuse!


Our Next Issue Will Be Out In The Spring 2017 

  Welcome to Community Drug Alert. We are pleased that you are considering advertising in our publication and that you are concerned about the choices that face our youth.  
  Community Drug Alert  is a magazine that focuses on problems associated with alcohol and drug abuse. We are constantly bombarded by newspaper accounts and television programs that relate to drug and alcohol abuse. It is a concern to most of us and a topic that gets a great deal of attention.  
  Community Drug Alert presents the facts on drug and alcohol abuse and reports on the developments in the fight against these problems. We also look at important related issues that include family violence, prostitution, teenage suicide and gang violence.  
  From a business point of view, you want your advertising dollars spent where potential customers will see your message. From a community point of view your ad shows you care about the people around you and that you are willing to take a stand and support your community. This publication is one that people will want to retain for future reference.  
  Our Advertising Rates are very affordable and do get noticed. The books will be distributed through  schools, inner city agencies, First Nation communities, medical clinics, local businesses and to the public through the free magazine racks you see in your grocery or convenience stores. The target for Community Drug Alert is the Junior High & High School aged group, however many parents, health professionals and educators will read this magazine as well.  
  The advertising deadline is in Spring 2017. If you do not have camera ready artwork available we will be pleased to design an ad for you.   
  We thank you for your interest. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us:  
  Email -  
  Phone - 877.443.4453  
  Fax - 877.443.4467  
  Mail Address - 12904 54 St Edmonton, AB T5A 0A4